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falling-into-habit… is EASIER than changing it.

But that doesn’t make it right for you.

Just because a behavior is comfortable, doesn’t mean it’s the right course of action for you.

Habits limit your potential. Some habits are bad, some are innocuous but all habits keep you WHERE YOU ARE, they never move you forward into unchartered territory. They only keep you caged in a box of your own design. But life and growth only happen outside that box.

Know that it is much easier to blindly fall into that habitual pattern then it is to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone.

Break the box that confines you. Take risks, show up differently. Push yourself outside your normal operating space and open up to a new way of life that has the ability to transform you.

Falling into habits only numbs you into accepting a mediocre existence. Greatness only comes by breaking those habits and redefining new strategies.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by your habits. Breaking those habits may be difficult because they are so ingrained, but once they’re broken, your new life will be ready to begin. What are you waiting for?

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