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Repeating Cycles… doesn’t help create new ones.

We are creatures of habit by nature. We find comfort in the repetition of our lives. But repetition doesn’t invite growth. Change does. After all, repetition means “you have already been there or done that.”

When we repeat situations and lessons in our lives, it’s because we have NOT yet gotten it. The message should be loud and clear – you are not seeing something that is right in front of you. You are unable to discern what is really going on – usually because you are too close to the situation to see it objectively. When that happens and you see yourself repeating situations over and over and over again, it is time to take a step back from the situation to gain some clarity.

When we lose objectivity, we lose our ability to see ourselves clearly. When you can no longer see what is right in front of you, take a time out. Do something different – take a trip, go on a retreat, shake it up. Break the pattern of unconsciousness so that you can gain some semblance of consciousness. Once you can do that, everything changes. Shake yourself out of the complacency of repeating your unconscious cycles and give yourself a chance to move forward in your life. Happiness awaits when you gain the clarity to see that it will no longer will be found in the repetition of a cycle, but in the experience of a new one.

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