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images-3… allows things to BREATHE.

Trying to hyper-control situations strangle-holds them.

We hold so tightly to what it is we think is right for us. In fact, we continually push our agendas forward even in the face of adversity. But to what end? Where do we stop and realize that resistance is a form of protection. If you are finding it hard to continue on in a given direction, it might be because you are not meant to. Resistance is a universal sign to back-off.  There is something there that you might not be seeing.

We are conditioned to think that if we work hard enough and push hard enough that we can alter any situation to our advantage, but that is using force to drive your life. A better way of living your life is to STOP pushing when you hit a wall and step back. Give yourself some space and time to breathe and allow what is meant to make its way to you, to get to you. Your future might need a bit of course-correction.

Your life is divine. There is an order to it. There is fate and destiny already in place. You can always use your free will to alter any and all of it, but note that you will absolutely encounter resistance if you are pushing towards the wrong conclusion. Take that as a sign to stop exhausting yourself. Take that step back so you can see more clearly. That step back will free up the energy to allow what is really meant for you to catch up with you. Time and space is the ultimate neutralizer.

You want to learn to breathe your way through your life. Controlling doesn’t secure your future, allowing does. When you are ready to release your grip on what you thought you wanted/needed, you will be able to make room for something even more beautiful. Clarity comes from releasing your grip, letting go of control and learning to trust in the process of your life to bring you to exactly where you need to be. Where else would you want to go?

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