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Life doesn’t always seem fair. It doesn’t always seem just. But I will tell you this…. it is always divine.

There is always a plan in place that you might not realize.

We never really understand why things happen the way they happen. Never judge an event as being “unfair” to you because you never know exactly why it is happening. We rarely see the bigger picture in place. It may feel as if you continually lose battles, but you may indeed be on the path to winning the war.

Never judge a book by its cover, they say. The secret is to always to do YOUR best and not try to compete with others whose practices might seem dubious at best. Everyone’s efforts will yield the results they sow however long it takes to get there. People can only hide who they are and what they have been doing for so long, the universe ultimately catches up with each and every one of us and makes us accountable for all our actions.

So instead of getting upset the next time “your promotion and raise” goes to someone whom you feel is not as worthy, remind yourself that there is always something there that you do not realize about the situation. Life has an uncanny way of rebalancing the scales and they always get rebalanced when the time is right.

Everything always comes out in the wash. It has to. When you come clean, there is nowhere to hide. Trust your path. Trust that the efforts you put out will always be rewarded. Even if it seems in the short term that you are being “punished.” Trust that your path is divine and that your rewards are just around the corner. No good deed ever goes unrewarded. That is just the way life works.

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