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getting-knocked-down… get yourself right back up again.

It doesn’t matter WHO knocked you down, WHY they knocked you down or HOW they knocked you down, if you’re down, it’s your responsibility to get yourself back up. No one else can do it for you.

You may not be in control of getting knocked down, but you are certainly in control of staying there. Staying on the ground is a choice. And it’s a choice that will ALWAYS keep you down.

Don’t focus on the drama of being knocked down. It’s just a story you tell yourself. Learn to re-frame that story to find the empowerment behind it. Pick yourself up, pick up the pieces, and put them back together the best way you know how in that moment and keep moving forward.

Sitting on the ground in the rain, just gets you wet. Learn to pick yourself up and run for shelter. You just have to decide that you want better for yourself. Get up and give yourself half a chance to find it.

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