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… NEVER works.

Waiting around for others to make a decision that affects you, takes away your power. 

Never give anyone power over your life to decide your future. If you’re waiting on someone else to make a decision over your Plan A, make sure you have an EVEN BETTER Plan B and C in place.

You’re in control of your destiny, no one else is. Waiting on others to decide your future is a slippery slope. Putting anyone in the power position over your life puts you in the back seat. Get back into the driver seat of your own life and steer it home.

It’s ok to temporarily wait on someone else’s decision, it’s NOT OK to put your life ON HOLD while someone else decides your fate. Take back control over your life, have viable alternate options laid out for you and ready to rock once the decision is made and don’t look back.

Don’t spend time lamenting someone else’s decision over you, if the decision wasn’t in your favor, that option wasn’t in your best interest or aligned with your highest good — let it go. Move on to your personal Plan B and make it A-worthy.

Putting your destiny in other’s hands NEVER works. Why give someone else power/authority over you to decide your fate? Your life is yours. Never be without a plan you can love and never accept a plan you can’t live with. It’s your life. Don’t let anyone else live it.

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