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… one after another.

A moment in time is NEVER forever. A moment can change you and then it leaves you. Nothing ever stays the same; life is always in a constant state of flux.

Moments are fleeting – they can be special or they can be painful, but they cannot be forever — they’re always meant to be moved through and replaced by a new moment.

Don’t get attached to a happy moment, it is not here to stay. And don’t get attached to a unhappy moment, it’s always on its way out. 

Every moment is an opportunity for transformation. Every moment gives you a chance to recreate yourself anew — and then that moment is gone.

You’re also never trapped in a moment — if a moment in your life makes you unhappy, know that it will soon be over. That’s the beauty of the moment — you’re never where you are for very long.

Life is just a string of moments. No matter what the moment brings you — know that it’ll never last forever. Give gratitude for it and be patient with it. A new moment is coming, a new opportunity is dawning and a new chance to begin again is on its way.

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… keeps you questioning.

We all push for immediate answers to our most pressing concerns, but answers don’t work that way — they only come in their own time.

Answers on your path are a natural progression of your experience. Solutions cannot be given before you are ready to receive them. You’re not looking for a perfect solution, you’re looking to evolve yourself through step by step experiences. The joy isn’t in a future promise; it’s hidden within in this moment.

Answers are given when you’re ready to enter a new phase. If you don’t have the answer, it’s because you’re not yet ready to move forward, there’s learning in the space where you are right now. Stay there — enjoy it — live it — it has something for you. When you are ready, your experience will give you every answer you need to move in the direction that is right for you. When you grow, you know.

Don’t beat yourself up for not having all the answers. Life isn’t about having all the answers, it’s about making the best decision you can in this moment based on the experience you have so far.

You cannot know where you are going until you are there. Pushing for answers doesn’t bring them sooner — it just highlights the uncertainty. You can run yourself in circles demanding an answer or you can trust the process of your life to bring you to the answer once you are ready to receive it.

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sadness_149… brings you to where you do.

We can’t all be exactly where we want to be when we want to be there. Life is a process. Suffice to say that the way to get to where you want in life is to live exactly where you are in the moment. One step in front of the other brings you to your destination. It can be no other way.

But in life, we seek instant gratification. We prefer to skip steps in the process of our lives because we feel that the destination is more important. The destination is never more important than is the journey to self-awareness.

Being where you don’t want to be in life is a critical part of the process of getting to where you DO want to be. Learning the lesson in that moment is the key to unlocking the next phase of your life. If you spend your time crying and lamenting where you are, you haven’t learned those lessons. If you empower yourself to keep walking and learn from where you are, the doors to your future open almost instantaneously.

You can get to wherever you want in life from right where you are. In fact, it is spiritual law. There is no other way of getting there. It is all about doing the work. Recognize that you are where you are in your life for a reason and when you learn certain lessons, you will be free to move onto the next phase. There is NO punishment, there is NO being kept back and there is NO reward being witheld from you. Your ability to move forward in your life is directly contingent on your ability to be where you are and fully experience and internalize the lessons of that moment with ease, grace and gratitude. There is no rush, you will get it when you truly get it.


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