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o-person-with-head-in-hands-in-black-and-white-facebook… only brings you DOWN.

Where else could it bring you?

Being hard on yourself doesn’t make your life easier, it complicates things because it puts yourself in YOUR OWN WAY.

Life presents many challenges and when you’re hard on yourself, you add more challenge onto your plate and it’s self-inflicted. And for what? To make life harder? Why fight yourself? Why not work WITH YOURSELF to find solutions instead?

Regret is useless. You cannot change the past. But you CAN learn from it’s wisdom and make your future better for it.

Don’t spend time getting caught up in focusing on your faults/mistakes. Get the lesson from them and get out. Move forward and make your life better because of them. Great wisdom only comes from those faults/mistakes; they make you better. But if you beat yourself up over them, you use them as a weapon to take yourself out. And why would you use the experience that made you better as an excuse to sabotage yourself?

Recognize that wisdom comes from our mistakes. Don’t spend time beating yourself up. Spend that time applying the learning and your life will blossom in the most amazing ways.

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