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…what you look at disappears.

In life, we fail to realize that everything is energy. When you do not want to have a specific experience because you deem it negative, you resist that experience. That action of resistance is a firm and decisive action that tells the universe, NO. But what we are not seeing is that it does not alleviate the experience you are having. It only brings more “NO” to your door. By resisting something, you are putting the energy of NO out into the universe.

For example, if you do not want to feel emotional pain from a relationship and you fight the experience you are having because you cannot surrender to the pain and transform it, then you only manage to perpetuate the pain you are feeling. And what is worse, you are putting out the sign on your front door saying, “No.” Again, that no does not stop your pain, but it will certainly put an end to good experiences that were coming your way. No simply attracts more NO – no happiness, no good fortune, no laughter, no new relationship, etc… No says means NO or nothing.

If we could learn to surrender to our life lessons and all experiences – both good and bad and not fight them, then we would remain open enough to invite the energy of “openness” or YES to the table. The sooner you can accept your situation and surrender to it’s greater lesson, the sooner that energy of YES will transform the situation and open you up to more positive experiences. Yes says, “I am open, I am willing, I would like to receive.”

Surrender to your experience and allow whatever is going to be, to be. Remember, what you resist, persists (and by doing so encourages the energy of NO). What you look at disappears (and by doing so transforms all experiences into YES). It is, by definition, always your choice.

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