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Unknown… are usually the ones who have the most work to do.

Everyone has issues. EVERYONE.

Conscious people are the ones who KNOW what their issues are and do not blame others for their own shortcomings.  But not everyone is conscious. Not everyone owns up to their inadequacies.

One of the major life lessons a person can have is known as “self-perfection”. Individuals with this life lesson are here to do serious work on themselves – to “perfect themselves” so to say. But all too often, those with this life lesson may become somewhat misguided and as a result demand perfection of everyone around them instead of themselves. It is easier for them to find fault in you then it is for them to turn the mirror on themselves.

Those who continually find fault in others are generally those who have the most work to do on themselves and they are conveniently avoiding looking at their own behavior.

Do your work. Know what your issues are and give the rest back. Don’t own what is not yours. If you take it on, you will start to embody it in no time. When your critics start to judge you, you should be able to detach from their commentary with a sense of ease. Recognize that the person you are dealing with is having issues doing their own work. Yours is not to save them or fix them. Yours is to not own their criticisms. Yours is to turn the mirror back on them and walk away with your head up high.

Owning “what is yours” empowers you, it holds you responsible and accountable for your life. It makes you stronger and wiser and brings great rewards to the table for you.

Those who prefer holding others accountable are not accepting responsibility for their life. They are the ones who remain lost – for without blame they have no sense of recourse. For sure, they remain stuck by their own hand.

Take control back of your life. Own what is yours and turn the mirror back on those who just cannot see.

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