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images… take up MORE space.

They just do. It doesn’t mean that they are better than anyone else, it’s just that they take up MORE space.

People with smaller egos need to occupy the same space as the bigger egos. Herein is the issue. Smaller ego types tend to get pushed out of the room as they have not yet learned how to hold their ground with the big ego.

Either way, smaller egos are generally two types – either extremely accomplished yet humble evolved beings OR they are individuals who do not yet believe in themselves and so they allow the big egos to push them out of the room.

Small egos can become resentful, angry and bitter towards the big egos who generally do not even realize the smaller egos are in the same room with them. The small egos feel as if they are being overlooked, marginalized and pushed out of the room. This is only so because the small ego is ALLOWING IT.

In life, both egos have to co-exist in the same room. Big egos take up more space so it is up to the small ego to learn to hold its ground. The small ego does not have to compete with the big ego, it just has allow itself to be who it is and believe in itself and STAND UP FOR ITSELF and carve out that space that it needs to do its life’s work.

Nothing comes out of allowing a big ego to push you out the door. As a small ego, you lose and the big ego has more room to puff itself up and feel good about itself. There is no competition here. It doesn’t matter how “small” you are, it matters how well you can hold your space in the presence of a big ego. You do not have to be a big ego to hold space with a big ego, you just have to hold the space YOU NEED and never allow it to be compromised. Don’t spend your time resenting a big ego, recognize that there is great strength and beauty in small packages. As long as the package is strong in itself, it will always give the big package a run for its money.

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