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… they see you for who THEY are.

People come fully equipped with their own filters through which they are able to perceive you. This means they might not be able to see the REAL YOU, they see a version of you through their own lens.

No need to get upset about the version of you that they see. It is irrelevant. If they are not clearly able to see the truth of themselves, they will never be able to honor the truth within you.

You don’t need to be accepted by people who cannot see themselves. All you can do is be yourself. Put your energy into honoring your truth, not trying to change theirs. People don’t see you for who you are, they only see you for WHO THEY ARE. If you’re not aligned with the vibration they hold, they will NEVER see you; and for you, that’s a good thing. Misalignment is your indication that you are moving up the vibrational scale and they are falling away. Thank them for the clarity.

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