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… by creating SPACE.

We make things harder than they have to be. We tend to create lots of physical clutter in our spaces and that always translates to mental and emotional clutter. We are energetic beings and we are highly sensitive to our surroundings. Everything is energy. The energy of clutter weighs very heavy on the nervous system and stimulates a level of discomfort and confusion in our minds. When we create space in our physical surroundings (by clearing off our desks or cleaning out our closets or throwing away knick-knacks from display spaces), we create a sense of space to breathe and BE. This newfound physical space translates directly into a mental space of ease. The less you own, the lighter you feel.

The way it works is that physical clutter stimulates the mental response of “confusion and chaos is near at hand” and the emotional response is generally a level of unease which roughly translates to either increased states of anxiety or the opposite – lethargy and laziness. Either way, as energetic beings, our surroundings dictate our moods. If you want to be happy and easeful in your life, SIMPLY THINGS. Get rid of clutter and objects that have no importance to you. Creating space in our lives helps to create space in our minds and hearts. Learn to lessen your load so life can become happier and much more easeful.

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