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… and you’ll keep winning.

Focus on your losses, and you’ll keep losing. 

Everything is energy and where you put your focus, you get more of — whether you want it or not.

These are trying times of transition and when you can focus on the positive of your life amidst any perceived negative, you invite the energy of transformation in. Transformation can only exist within the waveform of positive intention. In other words, you can block the next step of your life just as easily as you can walk into it. 

You always have a choice as to how you view your life. Are you going to allow yourself to feel the victim of your circumstances or are you going to encourage yourself to continue building upon your successes (however small you think they are) and transforming yourself anew — stronger, greater and wiser?

If the story you are telling yourself isn’t working, try telling another one — a greater one. Where do you want your life to go? What is it you want to create? The secret is in understanding that focusing on where you are, keeps you there, but focusing on where you want to be, brings you there. When you’re ready to be a winner in the story of your life, your life will truly become the winning life you’ve dreamed of.

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