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… it doesn’t matter who likes you, it only matters that YOU like you.

In life, you are not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that HAS to be alright. Nor should you want to be everyone’s cup of tea. We are not in high school anymore, your value and self-worth should not be judged by what other people think of you. It should come from within. The only judgment we should be concerned with in life is the judgment we place on ourselves.

We tend to look outside of ourselves for validation within. We compare ourselves to others – what they are doing with their careers, how they are living, how successful they are, their relationships, etc… Your life will never be yours if you are forever looking to others for inspiration.

Here’s the deal… Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to understand you. Not everyone is going to “get you.” It’s just the way it is. Feel great about yourself anyway because who you are is ALWAYS good enough. In fact, it is better than good. It is perfect.

When you can learn to love the person that you are separate from those around you, that is when your life will really take off. Channel all that energy – thinking about all those people and what they are doing “better than you” and how you are measuring up and put that energy into your goals, your passions and really start to feed your soul from the inside-out. You will start to see that you will emanate a glow that will make others want to be near you. Popularity is an inside job. Do the work inside, and the world around you will be magnetically drawn to you. 

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