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… it gets you lost in the crowd.

We’re all here for a unique reason and that reason is to be who we are, not fit in to anyone elses’ mold.

You don’t need to be part of a group in order to be seen. When you’re in the group, you blend in and get lost. But when you can stand just outside the group, your colors shine brightly.

It is true, that being part of a group can be a way of identifying ourselves. So, go ahead, pick the group that mirrors you best and then stand just outside it. Stand far enough away from it that you can be part of it but not of it.

Take space and honor yourself. In time, the group will recognize your importance because they will be able to see you just out on the edge where you are easily identified.

Do you want your light to shine? Don’t put it out by trying to fit into the crowd. Be yourself. Your light will always light your way and it will naturally draw others to it.

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