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… not action.

The opportunities that are aligned for you will make their way to you when you are aligned with them. Many of us confuse getting to the next level with taking a certain action. What do I have to do in order to get to the next level? Who do I have to contact? Who should I partner with?

But next level isn’t about achieving a physical status, it’s about leveling up your vibration. It’s NOT about what you do in life, it’s more about who you are being in your life. When you are busy being your highest self, the universe will be busy lining you up with the highest vibrational opportunities possible. 

Don’t try and look for all the answers; just ask yourself who you are, what do you want to share with the world and how do you want to show up to the world? That’s the work. From that true and authentic place within, the universe can begin to align you with the right opportunities for you to shine.

Next level is about vibration, not action. When you’re aligned with what you want to create in the world, the manifestation of that creation will make itself known to you.

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