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hand-letting-go… is the ONLY way to move forward in your life.

Somehow we think that keeping the old will enable us to open the door to the new. It never does. When a person or a situation has outlived its purpose, it is important to close the door on the old, so that you can create SPACE for the new.

Holding onto what does not serve you does not all of a sudden change. If you decide to pack up what didn’t work for you in 2012 and sling it over your shoulder and haul it into 2013, you will get the same nonsense in 2013. If it didn’t work for you then, I promise you, it will not all of a sudden work now.

Why burden yourself with what you know does not make you happy? When you learn to cut ties to the past and open up to a bright new future, you are creating space for the new future to come in. But when you hold onto what does not work for you, it is as if you are telling the universe you are content and you do not need something new. Look at it this way, if your glass if full of dirty water that you cannot drink, in essence, you are telling the universe that you do not need a refill of fresh water. But in actuality, you are dying of thirst. Pour out the dirty water and allow yourself to be filled with what you truly want and desire in life.

You cannot create change if there is no space. Don’t spend you life being “full” with what is making you unhappy. Be strong and allow yourself the opportunity to throw out the old and make room for the new. The rest of your life awaits. What are you waiting for?

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