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letting-go-hands… to make room for what WILL.

You can’t have both.

Nor do you want both!

All too often we make the mistake of packing up WHAT DIDN’T WORK FOR US that year and dragging it forward into the new year thinking that it will somehow be different? But it NEVER is.

Chances are if something has been troublesome for you for awhile, it’s time for you to LET IT GO. Continued struggle is never a trajectory for success.

Stop the struggle. Learn to trust the process of your life. It will always bring you to where you need to be; you don’t have to control it. But you just have to be brave enough to know when it’s time to walk away and surrender.

If something didn’t work for you in this calendar year, LEAVE IT THERE. Put your focus on creating something BETTER for yourself. Even if you don’t know what that means just yet. It’s always better to start with nothing then to start off the year behind the 8-ball with the same drama. Why put yourself on that same road when you know exactly where that road leads?

The new year is a time for change. Don’t waste it packing up what didn’t work and dragging it into the new year. You don’t have enough space to find new answers if you are fighting the same dysfunction. Make some new year’s resolutions and resolve yourself to making them a reality. Get out of the way of yourself and let go of what was not working for you this year, so you truly have the space to find what will work.

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