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th-3… only what you don’t.

To experience is to LIVE. And as humans, we want as many experiences as possible while we are alive. And here is the key – no experience is BAD. Sure, some may not feel as good as others, but all experiences ultimately lead to our evolution.

Never be afraid to take a risk and to allow yourself to have an experience. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter what the outcome, you have let yourself live and that is the only thing that matters. So never regret something you have done in your life – you have done it – you have lived it – you have tried it on and you now know whether it works for you or not. That is the greatest experience of all. So, never regret anything you do, only regret what you haven’t let yourself do.

There’s no playing safe in life. If you don’t let yourself take chances and have experiences, you will never know what could have been and that is the biggest regret a human being could endure. Staying small NEVER keeps you safe. Hiding from your fears will NEVER help you live.

So never regret what you do in life, only what you don’t. Your life is meant to be lived and experienced to the MAX. What you NEVER do, you will NEVER know about and that will ALWAYS be your biggest regret.

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