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… certainty is already defined.

Most of us fear uncertainty because of its inherent promise of change. But isn’t it much better to be uncertain of where you are than to be certain you are in the wrong place?

Uncertainty brings options. Certainty brings confirmation. Certainty is limited in its potential to please you, but anything can come out of uncertainty.

With uncertainty, the decision is not yet made. Therefore within the uncertainty, there is lots of potential; it just needs to be embraced and embarked upon.

Certainty is already decided for you. Uncertainty gives you a myriad of options if you’re brave enough to explore them. If you can dream it, it can be an uncertain probable outcome.

Don’t fear the uncertainty; embrace it — it’s bringing you to a future which is still yet undefined. Don’t hide from it, make it yours. Grab the uncertainty and get excited at the potential that awaits you. ALWAYS better to be uncertain where you are then to be certain you are in the wrong place. 

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