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th-3… is always MORE OVERWHELMING than the actual tasks at hand.

Nothing is ever as challenging as we think it’s going to be.

Whether we have too much on our plates, or are feeling in-over-our-heads with a project(s), we inadvertently tend to build up anxiety over getting it all done/achieving it on time, etc… We naturally default to feeling overwhelmed, but the overall feelings of “being overwhelmed” are much more overwhelming than if we were to just sit down and work out the logistics of doing the project and/or setting the schedule. Once you shed the light of consciousness on your anxieties, you can see that it is never as bad as you think it will be.

Instead of worrying about how to tackle a project and pushing it off for weeks feeling overwhelmed, sit down and start it. You will soon see that it is not as bad as you thought. Nothing is as difficult as are the feelings of overwhelm. Things are never as difficult as we think they will be. But we spend countless amounts of energy fretting over it and that is the energy that we could be channeling into something more constructive.

Take back your power. Don’t give it away to worry about something that needs to get done. Live one moment at a time and by the time you get up to doing what you have been feeling overwhelmed with, you realize it isn’t so bad after all and much easier than you thought.

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