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tumblr_lyqpffnjxs1qfet8co1_500… it’s HOW you go through it —

that makes ALL the difference in the world.

You always have a choice as to how you show up in life. It’s important to remember that everything is interrelated. Every action you take, every decision you make determines your NEXT experience.

Think before you act. Think before you put energy into motion. If you react negatively towards a situation, you’ll only succeed in drawing more negative circumstances to you. Whereas if you consciously react positively towards a situation, you’ll increase the likelihood of attracting more positive circumstances to you. It is the way the universe works.

We all go through difficult times, the question is HOW do you get through them? You always have a choice. You can either play the victim and blame others for your misfortune and become angry, resentful and jaded OR you can become the master of your life and learn to dance in the rain with acceptance, grace and trust.

All storms need to be weathered. How do YOU show up in the rain? Do you get soaked or do you learn to laugh your way through it? Crying in the rain ONLY gets you wet. Laughing your way through it ensures that the sun will come out again.

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