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… keeps you locked in a nightmare.

Dancing with fear is always a choice. Fearful thoughts lock you into a lower vibrational state; they elicit negative emotions which keep you trapped and looping in a pain-induced reality. But that’s not the way we’re meant to live. Once we understand the role of our feelings, we can begin to master our true alignment.

Feelings are key to mastering fear.

Feelings are a vibrational gauge as to the level of your consciousness you are holding and how you feel, determines how in-phase or out-of-phase you are to your true self. So, if you are feeling fearful, you are out of alignment with your highest potential.

It’s all about perspective. You are always in control of your own alignment. So learn to take control over your fear. Don’t let yourself fall into fear, change the way you feel about it.

Instead of fearing a doomed potential, why not allow yourself to see it as a “Jedi-warrior training? “I am not afraid of this fear, I am here to master it.” To master anything you must learn to dance with it properly. Don’t look to run from your fears, look at them as opportunities to master your emotions.

Shifting out of a fearful state is as easy as finding a more positive feeling that you can feel good about. You are learning to dance a better dance with fear; one where you are the one leading. Controlling your feelings can help to control your emotions and give you control over that which you fear.

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