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Learn to make a mess out of your life. The best work comes from letting go.

We often times try to hyper-control the outcome of our lives. It never works. We think perfection only comes through control. Actually, perfection comes from the surrender. When we let go of trying to control the result, we usually end up with a much better product. For example, most brilliant creative work is often times found through mistakes. It is when we surrender and do something “wrong” or “unplanned” that we find something even better than we imagined.

We are so fearful of being out of control but if we could find solace in the knowing that when we release control, we give it over to the universe/divine power which knows better than we. You know the saying, “we make a plan and God laughs” – there is nothing more true.

Hyper controlling your life keeps you locked in fear. Surrender opens you up to opportunities that you would have never envisioned for yourself. When you get out of the way of yourself, beautiful opportunities can present themselves.

Perfection is seldom something that is achieved but more often than not is something that is stumbled upon. Almost despite ourselves, we find through our errors and foibles a much better and more satisfying existence. What are you waiting for? Start making a mess!

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