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images… otherwise get OUT of it.

There’s NO in between. This is especially true of our romantic relationships. If you are in one, BE IN IT and make it work, otherwise get out of it and move on.

Complaining about your relationship will not make it better.

Staying and cheating does not make it better.

Wishing you were with someone else will not make it better.

Trying to change that person will not make it better.

The only thing that will make it better is a genuine commitment to healing by BOTH parties. There are 2 people in the relationship and BOTH have to commit to working on it.

If both parties are NOT willing, there isn’t any hope. Time to leave.

Don’t kid yourself. Don’t hold on and hope things will change. Change ONLY happens when both parties work together. Where is your relationship? Can the other person be as committed as you are to healing? If not, you may have to look elsewhere.

Having history together does not make a relationship work. Having a genuine interest in securing a happy tomorrow will. It is always your choice. But if you choose to be in it, BE IN IT and get that person to work with you. Don’t accept no for an answer. If you find the answer is still no, time to make a gracious exit. Don’t let the memories keep you stuck. Your life is ahead of you and if that person cannot/will not work WITH YOU, don’t even look back. Run towards a happier tomorrow.

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