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… are opposite sides of the spectrum of human experience.

Love is the natural innate response of humanity and hate is conditioned by a society. When a human loves themselves and respects themselves and respects the world around them, hate cannot exist within their cypher. But when a soul does not know how to love or respect themselves or love/respect the world around them, they are easily programmable by a societal machine driven by hate.

How do you know the difference? Love has nothing to prove whereas hate has everything to prove.

Hate wants to prove that it is better than you.

Hate wants to prove that you are less than. 

Hate wants to prove that you are wrong.

Hate wants to prove that you are evil, selfish, narcissistic, malevolent — all mirrors of it’s own dark shadow. 

Hate is filled with anger and it is easily triggered by love. 


Hate parades itself as love. It isn’t genuine to the human soul so it pretends to be something it is not. 

Love has no agenda. It has nothing to prove. It isn’t filled with venom and fake virtue. It just is. It allows for everyone to stand together despite their differences and it allows everyone to just be and to be in their own consciousness while they are growing, learning and unraveling their own karma without judgment of themselves or others. Love and hate are opposite sides of the spectrum of human experience. Where do you dwell these days? #belove 

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