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th… is an indication that you are not where you want to be – YET.

But clearly you are on your way because feeling lost is the FIRST STEPit’s the step of SURRENDER. It’s the step of “my career is not working, my relationship is not working, I need out of here.” It is the healthiest step one could make because it acknowledges that where you are in life is NO LONGER WORKING for you. It’s the hardest step to make BUT it’s the only one that will yield you the greatest propensity for change.

Once you make that first step away from what is not working, the feeling of “being lost” is inevitable. But believe it or not, in “being lost,” you are actually open to the myriad of possibility around you. In other words, when you surrender to “being lost,” the universe can bring new opportunities to you. This is because expectation blocks the manifestation process but when you have no expectations (because you don’t know where you are going), it opens up a whole universe of possibility for you. Think about it – when you are lost, you stumble upon so many new places and unexpected experiences that you would not have encountered had you had taken your usual route.

Stop thinking you have all the answers – especially if those answers are no longer working for you. Staying stuck somewhere you do not want to be doesn’t make you safe, it gives you a false sense of security and an even falser sense of identity which is truly the definition of BEING LOST.

Don’t fear and avoid feeling lost because let me tell you, “uncertain happiness” is ALWAYS much more productive than “certain unhappiness.” Knowing where you are isn’t better than being lost if where you are is making you unhappy. 

Feeling lost isn’t the problem, it is a temporary by-product of the solution towards change and finding real happiness. No one likes to feel lost, but when you realize that it’s actually a first step closer towards being in a new situation that is better suited for you, then there is no need to fall into the drama of feeling lost.

Feeling lost is temporary, but it’s presence guarantees you permanent happiness if you allow yourself to go into it fully. So don’t run from feeling lost, embrace it, open up to it and joyfully accept all the new opportunity that it always brings to the table for you.

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