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images-1… to make room for what will.

We have a tendency to hold onto things and situations in our lives that do NOT work. It is almost as if we think that by holding tighter to what isn’t working that it will all of a sudden somehow become what we need? But this never happens.

In life we need space to create what we want/need and when that space is filled up with what isn’t working, it takes up valuable real estate and tells the universe that we do NOT want better.

You have to free yourself of what is not working so you can fill the space with what will work. Trying to force something to work NEVER makes it work. Taking a step back and giving the situation the space to breathe will allow the energies to re-align and bring about the highest outcome for all involved.

Sometimes in life you have to lose to win. Riding a broken bike will never win you the bikathon, but retiring the bike to the bike shoppe for a period of time will guarantee that you are ready to get back behind the starting line of the next one.

Life is too short to hold onto what doesn’t work for you. Let it go and love yourself enough to ask for better. Losing is the great arbiter of justice. By losing it all, you have half a chance of finding what will work better for you. Losing is definitely the winning strategy. Be happy to lose!

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