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stuck-in-a-rut… keeps you locked in a bad place.

And who wants to be locked in a bad place?

We seldom realize that we are the ones who have put ourselves into bad places. We are so quick to give up our power over our lives and say that something or someone else is responsible for holding us back. But the truth is, we are responsible for holding ourselves back – no one else is. No one has control over your life unless you give it to them. End of story.

Sometimes we find ourselves swirling in a negative cyclone of emotions and wondering why things are not changing for us? Almost as if we cannot get out of the space we are in. If you find yourself in this space, this is your indication that you are in a rut and you have unfortunately put yourself there by allowing it to continue.

Being stuck is like being caught in a doughnut hole. You keep spiraling and spiraling around with no way out and the walls seem too thick to penetrate. Since the energy that is trapped is negative, it holds a very dense and low vibration that is very heavy and overwhelming. It keeps you stuck in the hole and makes it almost impossible to see the light of day.

How do we break the cycle and climb out of the doughnut hole? Allow change. Any change. Any small amount of change in your life will work to infuse lighter, clearer energy into that doughnut hole and break up the stagnancy so that you may be lifted out of your own trap.

Life is too short to keep yourself stuck in a hole. Take small steps towards change. Invite fresh energy in and watch how life suddenly lifts you out of your hole.

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