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9396110871_20756870a3… it keeps you in the same place.

Only movement initiates action.

Whatever changes you would like to make in your life require some type of movement, strategic movement NOT “busy” movement. Strategic movement has the intention of bringing about change. Busy movement is activity that uses your energy but doesn’t bring about the desired result (e.g. being too busy at work to have the time to look for a new job or spending your time trying to fix a relationship when the other person is doing nothing).

Strategic movement is movement to initiate change NOT propagate the same stasis. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you see your actions as helping you move forward or keeping you stuck in your own patterns.

It’s very simple, if you are standing still, you cannot move forward. And if you are looking behind you, you cannot move forward. You can only move forward by making the extreme effort to do so.

We keep ourselves back in life by not allowing ourselves to move forward but instead, we stand still and complain about the situation. Staying in the situation and bemoaning it will only charge it with more negativity and unhappiness. 

Time to break the cycle. Staying never gets you anywhere. If you want to move forward, you have to bring in a type of strategic movement or change that will NOT allow you to look back at your past, but push you forward into your dreams. Nothing else will do.


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