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comfort zone and magic… is where the magic happens.

Because magic only lives in the realm of the unexpected. If it’s expected, it’s ordinary. To be extraordinary, one must find themselves OUTSIDE the expected.

Everyone wants magic, but not many are willing to step outside the safe, orderly haven of expectation and routine. Comfort zones dominate our decision making processes and therefore limit our potential for greatness. Comfort zones control our dreams and passions and stuff them into the small, safe and controllable boxes of routine which suffocates the spirit.

Nothing amazing is ever created within a comfort zone. Creativity can never fluorish within narrow confines of human thought. Boundaries must be pushed – walls must be torn down – and risks must be taken – in order for real magic to infiltrate our existence.

Do you believe in magic? Do you believe that magic exists for you? Staying in your comfort zone will never invite the energies of magic to dance with you. Comfort zones keep you safe, they do not make you great. 

Strive to be extraordinary. Get out of the ordinary box, leave your comfort zone behind and open up to the magic all around you. Challenge yourself to get out of that comfort zone and do something/be something amazing. Life is to short to sit back and accept mediocrity. Allow yourself to break through your confines and create the magic that you seek. You were never meant to stay safe, you were always meant to achieve greatness. What are you waiting for? You are the only one standing in your way.

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