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images… just bent.

Life’s challenges may throw you to the ground and stomp all over you, but you will never be broken. You will, of course, wear your war wounds, but they are your badge of courage, wisdom and life experience. They make you who you are. You are never damaged goods if you see life’s trials and tribulations as a means to improve upon yourself and make your life better.

You are not broken, you are only bent. In life, you WANT to be bent. No one lives the straight and narrow path. That’s boring. Without life’s twists and turns and falls from grace, you wouldn’t be who you are today. You do not want to be the straight arrow – that represents a life not lived. The nature of life is to “rough you up” and “take you down”. This cycle never breaks you because after awhile you learn how to fall and your scars heal quicker.

You are not broken, but your path has to be. Learning how to jump the cracks and navigate the holes of life makes you stronger. Life may beat you down from time to time, but you can always rest in the understanding that being bent means you have lived, loved, learned and experienced a richness that will make your life that much better.

No one wants to live the straight and narrow. Respect yourself for all your life-earned war wounds. In being bent, you are acknowledging your unique life path and those lessons that have gotten you to where you are today. Being bent is a gift and a reflection of a life well-lived. It means you have the innate ability to stand up to life’s hardships while demonstrating the ability to translate your troubled path into a life of real meaning and rich reward. Now, that’s worth a little bending!

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