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… it’s measured by how many lives you touch.

But how many of us remember that?

Most of us are lost in the matrix — we think a life “well lived” is about “living well” in the matrix, when in actuality it is about “living from the well of light.”

Light is our true essence. It is the origins of humanity and it is our source code. It is our operating system. When you understand that, you understand that the more light you hold, the healthier, happier and more successful you become. Sickness and illness is a deficiency of light; you only become sick when you have disconnected yourself from the source of light.

What is the source of light? It is the divine creator, the universe, GOD. It is where we come from and the more strongly we are connected to it, the more light can flow through us in the form of radiant health, optimism, joy and the rewards of a life well lived.

When you are living from the well of light, you radiate that light to those around you and everyone is able to glow and feel that infinite love. It’s a true feed forward system of positive progress the more light you hold, the more lives you touch and the more you are rewarded with the material comforts you seek.

Are you living in the well of light? Do you trust in the universe and the process of your life or do you doubt your worthiness? Do you stand in love and not fear? Do you find the joy in every moment of every day or do you give your power away to negative thoughts that take you down? Do you inspire others to live their best life or are you playing the victim so others save you? Do you honor your body or do you disrespect it by defaulting to junk food and staring at a tv screen? 

Who we are is much greater than the way we fit ourselves into the matrix, (e.g. the expensive home and car, the high powered job, etc.) When we live from the well of light, we illumine the path for others. When your life is over and you return to the light, your life will not be measured by how much $$$ you made, but by how much light you held and how many lives you touched.

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