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long and winding road2… is a much more enriching journey.

We never want to take it though. Why is that? If given the chance, we will more often than not choose the motorway and bypass all the beautiful exits along the way to our destination. For some reason we are obsessed with where we need to go in life and we forget that it’s not actually about the destination at all, but about the journey to get there. 

The pressure we put on ourselves to achieve our goals and “be someone specific” or “be somewhere specific within a certain timeframe” doesn’t allow us to enjoy the process of life that is happening in this very moment. There is no reason to jump the motorway and completely miss your life. Your life is happening right now amidst all the twists and hairpin turns. It’s that long and winding road with all its bumps and unforseen curves that helps mold us into the beings we are today. If we bypassed that road and took the motorway, we would miss out on all the beautiful scenery and experiences we might have had. We would just be another cookie-cutter person living a boring existence because we preferred to skip ahead and “save time” to get to our destination.

Your life is rich with your experiences and those long and winding roads make you who you are today. Every bend and straightaway colors you and gives you your unique character. Long and winding roads are meant to be savored, not rushed through. You want to enjoy the journey of your life because it is in essence a journey into learning about the self.

Any time you are ready to learn about yourself, take that detour and allow life’s experiences to open the RIGHT doors for you.  There are no quick answers in life, just because you know how to get ahead faster on the motorway doesn’t guarantee that you are going in the right direction. Take time to enjoy your life, take the long and winding road and experience the journey into yourself. You might find that there is no need to get all the way to the end. You might choose to stay somewhere along the way. If you slow down, you will have the opportunity to feel what is right for you and not have it artificially decided for you. Life is always about the journey NEVER the destination, so let your journey unfold.

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images… makes you miss your stop.

Sometimes we stay too long in spaces we shouldn’t – spaces such as dead-end jobs and dead-end relationships. We stay hoping somehow we can transform them into being what we need them to be. Staying too long doesn’t remedy a bad situation, it makes it worse. It overstays your welcome and drains the situation or rather – runs it into the ground.

Be honest with yourself. Are you staying because it is what you really want and deserve or are you staying for some other reason based out of fear such as “I don’t think I can do better” or “there aren’t any other opportunities out there for me” or “I will never be able to do what I really want”.

Don’t stay too long in spaces that are not working for you. Yours is not to force fit them to meet your needs. Yours is to be strong enough to be able to discern what is best for you and for your growth and let the rest fall by the wayside.

Staying too long makes you miss your stop. Life is like a train ride from New York City to Boston. You will always get to your final destination in life, it is your destiny. You will reach Boston one way or another. But it is your choice as to whether or not you will enjoy the journey along the way. That journey has some beautiful shoreline along Connecticut and Rhode Island. If you stay too long at certain stops, you will miss the beautiful views and experiences that that journey has to offer. Don’t try and hold the doors open and stay in the station. Let the doors close. Let yourself get to the next stop and get out and take a look around. Life is too short to stay at one stop for too long. There is a whole coastline out there for you to explore. Give yourself the chance to have some great experiences and when they have served their purpose, be strong enough to let them leave your life. On to the next stop…

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