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… one after another.

A moment in time is NEVER forever. A moment can change you and then it leaves you. Nothing ever stays the same; life is always in a constant state of flux.

Moments are fleeting – they can be special or they can be painful, but they cannot be forever — they’re always meant to be moved through and replaced by a new moment.

Don’t get attached to a happy moment, it is not here to stay. And don’t get attached to a unhappy moment, it’s always on its way out. 

Every moment is an opportunity for transformation. Every moment gives you a chance to recreate yourself anew — and then that moment is gone.

You’re also never trapped in a moment — if a moment in your life makes you unhappy, know that it will soon be over. That’s the beauty of the moment — you’re never where you are for very long.

Life is just a string of moments. No matter what the moment brings you — know that it’ll never last forever. Give gratitude for it and be patient with it. A new moment is coming, a new opportunity is dawning and a new chance to begin again is on its way.

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