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tumblr_l9vevlFmtK1qcv9rio1_500… let them go.

Their part in your story is over.

As humans we have a very hard time letting go, but its important to remember that not everyone is supposed to be in your life forever. People filter in and out of your life during certain times to fulfill certain roles and when those roles are fulfilled, they are free to move on.

Some people in our lives are like the limbs of a tree, they grow with the tree and they weather the storm with the tree. And some people are like the leaves, they come in during a season of your life to change you, support you or inspire you and then they move on. It is important to be able to distinguish who is a limb and who is a leaf in your life. Once you identify your limbs, it is much easier to let the leaves fall to the wayside. A tree cannot hold onto its leaves, when it is time, they will organically wither and die off – it is a natural cycle of life. Why would we think relationships would be any different?

Anyone who walks away without a fight was never going to stay for the long haul.

Bless those leaves as they fall from your life and focus on the limbs of your tree, they are always there to support you. There will always be new leaves again in the springtime and the cycle will always repeat. Learn who your limbs are and let the leaves go, they were only there for a season of your life and that season has gone.


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