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th-5… for change.

Let it drive your transformation.

In other words – if it hurts you, it will change you. And that’s a good thing.

We all run from pain, no one likes to feel it. Everyone labels it as “bad.” But the reality is that it’s only through your pain that you are able to truly transform yourself because YOU HAVE TO. You can no longer go on experiencing the pain nor do you want to go back to the source that caused it. Therefore the only way through your pain is literally through it and out the other end. And that is where change lies.

When you let yourself truly feel the pain, you innately know which direction to go in, in order to heal. Just like a child touching a hot stove, it is only through the pain of a burned finger that he learns never to do that again, never to engage in similar behavior again.

If you never allow yourself to feel the pain, how can you transform the behavior? You can’t. If you ignore the pain and push it down, where’s the learning? There isn’t any. Where there is no pain, there can be no transformation and where there is no transformation, there can never be growth and with no growth, there can be no happiness. It’s a simple as that.

You always have a choice. But the highest choice is to allow yourself to feel the pain, hit rock bottom with it and let it transform you from a stubborn caterpillar into that beautiful butterfly. And as we all know, the view from above is always much more liberating.

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