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th-2… is the ONLY WAY to learn.

If it were easy, there wouldn’t be anything to learn. It would only be to enjoy.

Pain is our greatest teacher and our greatest fuel for change.

Anything worth having in life is worth the fight. Anything you can walk away from isn’t worth your time.

Struggles make us better. When there is an investment in energy and awareness, you grow. No pain, no gain. The difficult times slow us down, make us more conscious of our behavior and force us to seek out new alternatives that we may have never experienced.

In short, learning the hard way opens you up to deeper experiences that enrich the soul and challenge the mind. Learning the hard way teaches you deeper strategic tools for your growth and development. Learning the hard way gives you character. Learning the hard way makes you resourceful and better able to anticipate changes.

Learning the hard way is the only way to learn. Otherwise you are just being handed the answers. Learn to find those answers yourself and learn to uncover them through your darkest night. Once you learn things the hard way, you learn that you can do anything. 

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