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images… NOT take you down.

What you attach to becomes yours but what you detach from NEVER impacts you.

You have a choice everyday as to what you will allow to affect you. If something in your life is upsetting you, don’t fight it, let it pass through you. When you fight/resist something, you give it life and validity. But when you detach from it, you diffuse its energy and it no longer has such control over you.

Life gets hard when you carry burdens that you don’t need to carry. If you don’t want it in your life, don’t give it any attention. Learn to let it pass through you, don’t attach to it and you will disarm the situation completely and what was meant to be a full out drama, will just barely irritate you.

By yielding to the storm, a blade of grass will allow the storm to pass right through it, whereas the old, stubborn tree will be snapped in half if it does not yield to those winds. As in all negative situations, learn to let it pass through you and you will be the one left standing when the sun comes out again.

Life is too short to attach to every drama that comes your way. Don’t bother resisting the negativity, you will only succeed in feeding it. You want a better life? Learn to let things pass through you. Only accept the situations that you want to engage in and let the rest fall to the wayside.

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