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It’s as simple as that.

But why then do we have such a hard time with this simple concept? Most of us learn to indulge the ego and the ego only sees its supremacy and as a result, it takes itself very seriously.

In life, we need NOT to be perfect, we need solely to BE who we are. When the ego steps in to assert control, it micromanages our happiness and makes even small situations seem so gravely important. When we are so busy sweating the small stuff, our ego keeps us trapped and keep us locked in a dark, heavy vibration that only succeeds in attracting more of the same to us.

When we break out of the ego’s grip and learn to lighten up and find humor in ourselves, we change our vibration and everything around us gets easier and lighter. See, we are all energy and all energy vibrates in frequency. When our frequencies are high, they attract high frequency situations such as love, happiness, peace, etc.. but when we are stuck in dark, depressing cycles, we send out heavy frequencies which attract more negativity and spiral us into a very bad place.

Life changes when we realize that we are actually the ones in control. Changing our vibrations by learning to laugh and smile more makes all the diference in the world. Life isn’t as difficult as we have made it out to be. It is really simple – we attract what we put out. Learn to laugh more, change your vibration and watch the world around you change.

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