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… they never do.

Just when you think you do not need to learn anything new, you realize you know nothing. We’ve all been there. Sometimes our cups are full with “stagnant water” –  our jobs, friends, relationships, hobbies – our lives sometimes get stuck in a rut and a static film grows over our surface. But how do you open up to something new when your ego thinks it already has all the answers?

Complacency and arrogance undermine our worth and render us “too big for our britches.” When you build up your resources of knowledge to a certain point and stop, you shut down to new ways of thinking and you stop growing. Not only do you stop growing, but you start aging (mentally and physically) and ignorance reins.

Ask yourself… why keep a cup of water that is dirty? If your life has become stagnant to the point that drinking from your own cup will make you ill, why not take a chance and open up to something new?

It is the work of the ego that is afraid of failure. Often times, we prefer to never try and never learn something new for fear that we will look foolish if we do it. So we stay contented drinking from a toxic source and we wonder why life never improves.

One thing is for sure. Know-it-all’s know everything except the way out of the prison they have created for themselves. Know-it-All’s NEVER know it all. For it is in the certainty of having all the answers that causes us to stop asking the key questions. Life ceases to be exciting and worth living when we lose our curiosity.

Make room in your cup for new experiences. Tip out some of the old murky water and bring in some fresh water. Don’t worry about where the water comes from, take a chance and trust that from wherever it comes, it will be better than what is in your cup.

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