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Our life lessons are grouped. It is rare that you will be dealt just ONE lesson, they usually travel in packs. It is best to be prepared for them.

It is also important to realize that you are not being punished and that you are not a victim of them. You are in fact, in total control of how you get those lessons (or if you get them at all.)

Say you are in an important lesson-learning phase of your life to learn one major lesson (e.g. self-esteem) and you have 10 tests coming up to deliver that lesson to you. Your testing period could last as little as 3 months or as long as 10 years. You are in control of how quickly you get that lesson. Every time you get hit with the lesson, if you can pick yourself up and identify the lesson, then you will have “won” that round. Then the universe serves up the next test to you to see if you get that one. All the tests support the same lesson so it gets easier to see. The quicker you get the lesson, the quicker you get dealt the next test and ultimately the quicker you work through all tests. When you finish the tests, you have truly gotten the lesson and the lesson STOPS. You are free.

Now if you choose to NOT get the lesson and just feel sorry for yourself and play the victim, then the universe will hold off dishing you up the next test because it waits for you to be “relatively” ready for it. In your attempt to be happy, you keep yourself in a space of non-learning which feels like an unhappy, stagnant and frustrating space where nothing new happens. Maybe you have been there before?

When it rains, it pours. Let it pour down on you. Grow through those tests and get that lesson. Tell the universe to give you its best shot. If you are smart, you will NOT stay inside to avoid the rain, you will get a great umbrella and learn to dance your way through the rain. Life continues and the storms will get easier with each lesson learned. Are you ready to get wet?


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