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We’re designed to love. We’re taught to hate.

In other words, love is our natural state and hate is a state that is curated around us. But no one ever tells us that. No one ever tells us that who we are is love. They don’t tell us that our DNA is divine and that love is at the heart of it. The “powers that be” fill our heads with propaganda and brainwash us with fear-porn and messages of hate day-in and day-out. They program our minds with venom and make us think that we’re the problem. And for so long we thought they were right.

But not anymore. Times are changing and people are waking up. They are seeing the corruption play out right in front of them. They no longer trust in their political figures, their media and even the companies they work for. They are starting to realize that manipulation is real and that things no longer make sense.

Living in this 3rd dimensional reality can be confusing. It’s a matrix of control. The blueprint of our soul is the key for navigating it. When we can trust in the truth of who we are, we can take back our light and reinstate our status as sovereign beings in the universe. No one has power over your soul unless you give it.

As a sovereign soul, you are accountable for your actions on this planet. If you buy into the hate that is programmed for you, you will own it and you will re-write your own divine programming.

Hate will have you fighting for change. Love will have you naturally emanating change. Hate creates more hate. Love creates more love. We don’t get to a more loving world by hating others in this one.

Listen to your divine blueprint. Be the love that you are. Be that role model and be the change that you want to see in the world. How else would we get there?

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