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tumblr_static_it-is-what-it-is… and it is ALWAYS going to be OK.

That is the only thing you ever need to remember in life. Whatever happens…  it is ALL going to be OK.

We are so quick to judge events in our lives as good or bad. If it gets labeled “good,” it’s time to go out and celebrate, and if it is labeled “bad,” we can easily fall into a dark space feeling somewhat victimized.

The difference between these two states is purely perception. All events in our lives are relatively equal in their capacity to teach us a lesson and mold us into smarter, wiser and more balanced human beings. But indeed, most of our best learning opportunities are experiences that have challenged us.

Don’t judge a situation as good or bad. Once it has been labeled by you, your perception creates your own reality. An event is just that – an event. You are the one who deems it positive or negative and then you will be the only one experiencing the fallout of your own perception.

The wise say, “When you are going through hell, just KEEP GOING.” Don’t stop and label it as hell and allow yourself to suffer. Just keep pushing through it and before you know it, you will come out the other side where the sun is shining. The sun never goes in. It is always out in some part of the world. Just like in life, the sun never sets on us, but we tend to want to wallow in pity and pain and as a result we drag ourselves into long, dark tunnels.

You are in control of whether or not you allow yourself to get stuck in a dark tunnel. Everything is what it is – and it is ALWAYS going to be OK however you decide to label it. So make it easier on yourself. Remember that you are never alone. You are supremely taken care of. There is a divine force in place that is guiding you towards learning and once we realize that our darkness is attributed to our own perceptions, then we can allow the sun to come out again.

Any event is what it is, but it will ALWAYS become what you make of it. 

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