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take-one-step… the universe will do the rest.

We don’t become huge successes over night. Nor do we find our passions, our soul-mates, or our life purposes over night. The journey to become ourselves can take a lifetime. But that lifetime begins with one step. 

We often judge ourselves for where we are and what we have accomplished. You do not need the perfect solution for your problems, the perfect game plan for success or the perfect strategy to find a mate, all you need to do is take one step, any step in any direction will invite the powers of destiny to join you. 

Once you open the door and open your energy to “the next step”, the universe will support you on your path. You are never alone. Taking one step releases energetic blockages that might otherwise be holding you back. Taking that one step (especially when you do not know where it will lead you) will bring opportunities and connections to you that you would have never dreamed of.

The journey of a lifetime always begins with one step. You do not need all the answer to take that one step. You just have to take it. No more fear. Your life begins the moment you can take that one step. What are you waiting for?


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