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bcdce64b9596462be6c2bec052b0c814… so if you want something, GIVE it to someone else.

Everything is energy.  The universe reads what is around you and continues to give you more of it. It doesn’t matter if you are receiving it or giving it, the energy of it is around you. So if you feel as if it is NOT specifically in your life, give it to someone else and the energy of having “it around you” will bring it directly to you.

Think of it as a Karmic bank account. In order to withdrawl something, you must put something into the account. So to withdrawl exactly what you want, it must already be in the account. If you are putting it out into the universe for others, it will be in your account to withdraw at your leisure when you want it. If you are not putting it out into the universe, there is nothing in your account to withdrawl and things do not change.

When you give, you receive the same energy in return. For example:

If you want more money… donate money to a cause or someone who needs it.

If you want a more supportive work environment… give support to others in your life (family, friends, colleagues)

If you want romantic love… give love to others (family, friends, pets, strangers)

If you want more appreciation for the work you do – show appreciation for everything around you (gifts, friendships, food, experiences)

If you wish people were kinder to you – show small acts of kindness to everyone around you (whether they deserve it or not)

It is only in giving that we receive, so this holiday season, if you want something, GIVE it to someone else. There is no big secret here. The universe may seem to work in mysterious ways, but it is all very logical. It is only in the giving that we will ever receive what we want in life. Are you ready to give? Happy Holidays!


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