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challenges the fabric of who you are.

Imposter syndrome only challenges those who are brave enough to take themselves out of the matrix. Those are the individuals who no longer want to work for the corporate machine. They are those who know their hearts and know that their life’s work is higher than sitting in an oppressed cubicle day in and day out.

These beings take a chance on themselves.

They follow a higher calling.

They risk putting their reputations on the line.

They risk financial ruin.


Because they believe in something higher. Those who dream about being something greater in the world or contributing something greater to the world are those who are susceptible to imposter syndrome. Those who dream and aim higher, soar. Those who accept the status quo, stay safe but never rise into their highest potential.

You only doubt yourself when you challenge the system. Everyone feels like an imposter when they are trying to break out of a mold that suffocates them.

You have to really believe in yourself to go to bat for yourself. You have to be willing to fight the notion that you are somehow less than someone else who doesn’t bat for themselves.

Imposter syndrome challenges the very fabric of who you are. Down to the core. If you’re not strong enough to believe in yourself, you will never step into greatness. Imposters buck the system and take it down so they can create their own place within it. We are all secretly imposters who are trying to create something out of nothing and we only feel like imposters because it has never been done before the way we are doing it. And because we know that the something we are creating is something the world has been waiting for. #beanimposter

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