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… they will run away with you.

And they will not return you to a better place.

Fears, like most negative emotions, have a very low vibration. This means that they have the propensity to manifest very quickly. So, if you put your energy into something you’re fearful of, you will only succeed in bringing it into your existence.

Fear is a perception-based reality. What you fear to be real, will be real for you. It’s all based on your perception. The way you look at things determines how those things play out for you. Speaking in front of 100 people, do you let yourself feel pangs of anxiety and panic or do you translate those nerves into excitement and adrenaline rush? What you perceive to be real will indeed be real for you.

Instead of feeding feelings of fear, why not try and re-interpret those feelings so to empower yourself? When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change and your life changes along with it.

Fear stops you from living. It robs you of your life. It keeps you small and robs you from having experiences. Take back your life, re-interpret those feelings of fear so you can explore deeper levels of yourself.

Fear keeps you stuck. Be brave, re-interpret your fear to uncover the empowerment. It’s always there, it’s just a matter of perception. If you let your fears run your life, they will run away with you and where will that leave you?    It’s your life, take back your power — stop feeding fear and start feeding your life again.

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