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… you won’t have space for it.

Transitions can be disorienting. No one really likes change, especially when it is thrust onto you. But change represents growth and that is the life force that propels us forward in our lives.

The thing about change is that if you don’t clear a space for the newness that you are seeking, you will have no space for it when it arrives.

You have to let go of what you are holding onto in order to accept something new. But we don’t do that, we generally hold onto what isn’t working until it finally drags us to the floor and we unwittingly surrender our grasp.

You have to let go of what isn’t working to create the space for what will. You can’t have both. In times of transition, you have to trust that what doesn’t feel right, is no longer right for you. 

Learn to let your intuition guide you. If it feels good, move in that direction. If it doesn’t feel good, move away from that direction and let it go. Once you let go of what no longer feels right, the universe can replace it with something that IS right. 

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